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Thank You Courteney Cox and CARGO!!!!


Jessica and I wanted to thank Courtney and Cargo for putting together this fabulous shadow palette. In the picture above I'm wearing the day look by Coco. I love the way Courtney gave instructions. I usually don't wear shadow right. I just apply one color. But I liked the way it came out so much I took a picture and wanted to share it with everybody. Normally if I approach a makeup counter, I'm so intimidated. I'm always told to wear the same old boring browns and avocado colors for my complexion. Truly being ethnic, half Greek, half Mexican, I think the ladies are thrown off and don't know what looks good on me. I like these shades so much. Colors I never wore or knew how to apply. Also, on our support group we had a lot of comments on how well the palette went with everybody's skin tone. Best of all, Cargo is donating 100% of the profits to the EBMRF!!! Thank You!!! With all our love, Jessica and Viktoria Dimas

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